I'm Joseph Dalcour. 26 years old, located in Fort Worth,TX. I love the idea of sharing a vision of a scene that will never happen again. I have always been the creative type and have used different medians of design since I can remember.

         I began to explore the world of Graphic Design in the year of 2006, and it wasn't until 2013 when I picked up my first camera. I wanted to work with my own photos, and ever since I have found my self to use my camera more than anything. Creating a whole scene and recording it from one tool intrigued me deeply, and that was just the beginning before bringing it into post process and editing where a whole new world is opened up. Even though the two can tie hand in hand, I felt like I started from scratch in a way, and I have been shooting more and more trying to improve my technique.

Contact me for booking or custom orders.

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